One year... and counting!

Traveling post-transplant has been... interesting. I keep expecting there to be somewhere I'm supposed to be (dialysis) or something I'm supposed to be doing (watching my fluid intake).

The change in climate (from hot/humid to hot/desert) is interesting, too. I feel as if I'm having a really hard time keep hydrated, something I never anticipated having trouble with post-transplant. I keep reminding myself "DRINK MORE WATER!" but even that feels strange!

On the other hand, traveling and being on vacation without the aforementioned bothersome things is refreshing... although what am I supposed to do with all my previously alloted dialysis time? Strange.

Regardless - I love being so carefree and able to go where I want, when I want (at home AND on vacation).

I'm soooooooo lucky.

SO happy for you to be able to have the experience without having to be tied to a machine.

If you need a reminder: DRINK MORE WATER!!!!


@Rob -

Sorry for the late reply to this comment :)

I'm happy for me, too. Yay new kidney!


It's difficult to adjust to drinking SO MUCH water, but I guess that doesn't get any easier.

Although I'm only 6 weeks post-op, I still find myself reaching for my PhosLo caps when I begin to eat, and I still seem to be in the "fluid conservation" mode.

@Jeff -

Sorry for the late reply to this comment :)

Those stupid PhosLo bottles were the first to go - I donated them to my dialysis center. I hated those things!!


Hi. You look so pretty and healthy! Congrats!

Thank you :) I feel healthy, too...

Your blog has been inspiring for me to read. I just found out that my nineteen year old son has chronic kidney disease and needs a transplant. We are only a week and a half into this new way of living with dialysis treatments. It is GREAT to hear that you are doing so well after your transplant.

@Visittor -

Sorry for the late reply to this comment :)

Good luck to you and your son. Dialysis isn't really that bad, it's better than having no treatment option at all.

Hope you come back to say hello, again!


You look great! I just saw where you joined Entrecard. (how I found you) Interesting concept for a blog, I had a kidney removed when I was a teenager, defective from birth. So this struck a chord with me. I wish you continued, and great health!

@book_it -

Sorry for the late reply to this comment :)

My ex-husband had a kidney removed for basically the same reason. It was kind of funny because he and I are the same blood type and I always wondered if his kidney hadn't been defective if he could've donated to me. LOL

I'm doing great, thanks for the comment!


I've been seeing bits and pieces of your journey and pics on the internet....tonight i thought i would comment. I just celebrated my one year kidney ann. I was soooo happy, it really went by fast. I couln't believe that it had been one full year with no dialysis and i just thank God!! My cret. usually hang around 1.2...i stressed everytime i went to an appt post-op, just wanting everything to be fine. I just want to say congrats to you on ur one year kidny transplant

@Ronda -

Sorry for the late reply to this comment :)

Congrats on your own kidneyverary!


What's the deal? I thought you were all anti-transplant.

@Zach -

No clue where you got that idea, but whatever floats your boat :)


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