I might just have a NoBloPoMo

My good friend Judy mentioned in one of her posts recently that it seems many bloggers are taking a break from writing - all for a variety of reasons. She suggested that maybe we all need a NoBloPoMo (a No Blog Posting Month)...

... I might just have one right about now.

It's not that I don't want to blog or that I don't have things to say/express/share, it's more about the timing, or the lack of time I'm going to have for to blogging in the upcoming month.

June is the month that I usually spend in CA with my "adopted family" (no, I don't mean a literal adoptive family) and this June will prove to be a busy one for me. It started off with a cumulative 6+ hours of delayed flights just to get here yesterday!

Some think vacations should be about rest and sleeping in and doing tourist-y activities. My vacations in CA always involve a lot of work, family time and at least one or two major events to plan/attend. This year I've got 3 major events plus so much more.

Tomorrow is M's high school graduation (and the one-year anniversary of my kidney transplant!!!) and then her big party is Saturday night. Her whole extended family will all be packed into this house like sardines. Of course I'll be giving up the guest suite for a little while, but I don't mind - especially so M can see her grandparents, aunts, and even a great-aunt flying in from NY.

Next weekend (the 21st) MY friends and family are flying in from all over the country (and locally, too) to attend my "bachelorette party". My "party" isn't what you might think of as a typical one - It's really just a grand excuse for all my famiy and friends to come visit ME (all at the same time!) to hang with me for the weekend. We're ALL (guys and gals) going out for dinner on Saturday night and the rest of the weekend is up for grabs.

The following weekend (the 28th) I'm playing THE NANNY for 3/4 of the kids while M goes with her parents to college orientation a few hours away. Way back when the 3/4 of them were ages 5 and 2 - but times have changed so we'll see how they like me as "the boss" now. :)

Finally, the following week/weekend is both Canada Day (July 1st) and then (US) Independence Day. I think I've found a local Canada Day celebration (in San Diego) to attend, and fireworks/the whole 9 yards for the 4th. Dual citizenship has it's advantages, eh?

During the time in-between I've got to finalize all the plans for our wedding and find time for my CA friends, too. There's a lot (of great stuff) on my plate!

Oh, did I mention, my son is also traveling around CA/CO/AZ to see all his grandparents and will be here for part of the time too (only 4 days, though). I promised to take him to the big waterpark nearby and hopefully to the San Diego Wild Animal park, right here in Ramona.


Because of all that stuff, and days upon days filled to the brim with oodles to do, a NaNoBloPoMo kinda sounds nice... refreshing, even.

I don't know if I can really stay away from blogging for an entire month (and honestly? I doubt I'll even force myself to try) but know if I'm not around much, it's for a good cause.

Let the (I'm-partially-committed-to)NoBloPoMo begin!