Almost There...


After several tedious days of working on I'm happy to say that the site is just about ready for a re-launch.

Soon, you'll be meeting Elizabeth,'s new hemo-dialysis blogger and Jeff, our new kidney transplant recipient blogger (who just got his kidney a month ago!)

I'm still interested in adding a few more bloggers, in particular, a caretaker / family / friend blogger, a medical professional (dialysis tech, nurse, social worker, etc.) a recently diagnosed chronic kidney disease patient and a peritoneal dialysis patient. If you're interested or know someone who is, please contact me. Blogging experience is preferred, but a willingness to share your experiences freely and a commitment to post a few times a week is more important.

Also in the new line up - a review of some new renal-friend dairy products and a contest!

Stay tune and thanks for baring with me during this time of transition.

Nice site, took me a bit to figure out how to post comments, but I guess I'm just used to LJ-format.

PKD here, brother has it as well and is a lot more progressed (of course he's 10 years older and a good bit overweight).

I think your scar looks fine. Scars are sexy :P Anyone gives you hassle over it, tell em it was a knife fight, and if they think that's bad, they should see the OTHER guy...


Thank you... unfortunately I've had a bit of a problem in the last 2 months after purchasing a theme (instead of just using a free one, like I'm using now) that managed to completely disable my database for awhile.

Anyhoo - I started this blog on LiveJournal in 2002 (eventually migrating it to WordPress and, as of last year, Drupal) and yes it does take a little getting used to in regards to the functionality if you're only used to LJ.

Thanks for letting me know I've got an issue with my CAPTCHA system..


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