On Earth Day, Recycle your Life!

Happy Earth Day, everyone! What will you be doing today, this month, every day, or all the time, to celebrate?

Our family is honoring Earth Day in several ways: My son is participating in National Turn off the TV Week (a voluntary effort to raise awareness that life without television is not torture and can even be fun!), my DH is taking our gas-"friendlier" vehicle to work (instead of his sports car), we're all taking special care to remember to turn off our lights, computers, monitors and electronic devices...

...and I'm right here, promoting National Donate Life Month.

What? NDLM and Earth day, together? Am I out of my mind? How could one possibly draw a connection between the two? Here's your answer...

Think about it - If everyone you knew registered as an organ donor and expressed their wishes to have their organs 'recycled' upon their death, we'd have a happier Earth because we'd have...

  1. Healthier people (organ recipients) in need of less chronic illness care, taking fewer pharmaceuticals, lessening the demand on our country's heath care resources, and leading more productive lives (in all areas!).
  2. A decrease in electricity/power emissions currently used to power dialysis facilities, medical centers and hospitals for those waiting for organ and tissue donors.
  3. More employable individuals (no longer classified as 'disabled') to contribute time, manpower and ideas for making our World a better place to live.

... and those are only my top three reasons!

So, while you're celebrating Earth Day, don't forget to celebrate National Donate Life Month, too - 'recycling' saves lives... and the Earth!