What I got in Exchange for a Scar

I read The Story on BlogHer and then started thinking about my own scars.

The ones you can see and the ones you can't. The scars you can't see are probably more important, but I like talking about them even less than I like admitting I have physical scars. I suppose that's another post I'll save for another day...

The ones you can see on my body are really obvious. Mainly because my body maybe hates me (up for keloid scarring, anyone?) and wants me to wear my scars for everyone to see so they'll ask me to tell my story.

...at least that's the only reason I can come up with as to why my scars need to be so obvious...

My scars are so out there that I often wonder if there will ever be a time when complete strangers don't stop me and say "what happened to your arm?!" (one of but many examples in this blog...)

And, there probably won't be a time in the near future that I feel comfortable wearing a bikini, either:

I will tell you that while I don't think this scar is pretty, I think the reason for it to be there is beautiful. What it covers up and protects is an amazing feat of science, nature and love - and it changed my life.

So, if I have to have this scar for what I got in exchange, then I accept it. Wholeheartedly.

I keep threatening to make my biopsy scar into a huge tatoo. (After two unsuccessful external biopsies, they decided to cut me open and staple me shut.) With the line and staple hole scars it would be a great aligator biting!

On a more humorous note - I have a scar on the back of my hand from middle school. There was this girl I liked and I smacked her butt. She grabbed my hand and dug in with her fingernails. Hurt like heck at the time, but I've treated girls/women much nicer since then!

I tend to ignore the inside scars.

I had a similar experience with biopsies (including the scar)... except instead of just not being able to get tissue from a needle biopsy, the doctor actually biopsied the wrong organ and told me to shut up and stop being hysterical when I was (literally hysterical) in pain and scared shitless (like, uh, any other 14-year-old would've been?!) My parents considered suing until the results and the tissue samples "disappeared". Yes. I went through that.

So, yeah, I have those biopsy scars, too

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