Tomorrow's LifeLink Schedule

Again, I question my sanity being up so late.

I have a clinic appointment @ 9:30 and another appointment with the transplant doctor @ 11:00. Usually they get me in and out pretty quick, but if not, the waiting area is amazing. Lots of comfy chairs and couches. In the beginning of my clinic appointments I was feeling crappy and would rest on the couch (i.e. take a nap) in-between my appointments. Luckily I always had someone with me to wake me up, 'cause I even slept through my name being called over the loud speaker. At the last appointment they told me in about two weeks I can stop wearing my mask, with the exception of being in crowded places. Normal places like stores or restaurants and any outdoor activities won't require a mask. Only places like where people are smooshed-in such as at a rockin concert.

Alrighty, off to bed with me... Its been a wonderful day.