Don't make a bad moment into a bad day

After yesterday's post about having a crappy day I'm back to share a little bit of wisdom (in hindsight of yesterday's need to just get things off my chest) about bad moments and bad days.

My favorite Aunt used to say, "You shouldn't say you're having a 'bad day' just because you've had some 'bad moments' - why ruin the rest of the moments in the day?"

Maybe yesterday's post should've been titled "Heck, my day was had a whole bunch of bad moments, why not spread the bad moments around?" - Reading it now I feel ashamed to have spitefully issued badness upon my readership. Yes, my day was filled with bad moments, but really? I've had worse moments.

Even on the days when my aunt's advice has been difficult to follow, I've tried to always remember that the bad moments don't have to ruin the potential for all the other moments in the day.

I should also tell you that I don't ever tempt fate, or the chance of all future moments to become bad, by ever saying something like "could this day get any worse?" because, inevitably, it can.

And, I SWEAR I did not utter such a phrase even up to the point in which late last night I slipped, buck naked, on my bathroom's tiled wet floor and came crashing to the ground, landing smartly on my right side (uh, the side of my 'bad' fistula arm and my transplanted kidney?) and hurting everything from my big toe to my neck muscles in the process.

A very bad moment, indeed... and all I'd wanted was a few 'good moments' in a hot shower to balance out all the 'bad moments' I'd had.

I just laid/sat there and cried my eyes out, not so much from the pain (yes, it was and still is, painful) but because of all the bad moments I'd had in my day. Ken came rushing in to investigate and found me on the floor, with the shower's water still on, the Coast to Coast AM podcast blasting from my iPhone and me, a complete emotional mess. He turned off the water and my iPhone, and sat with his arms around me, there was really nothing else to be done. Finally I told him to "turn my aliens back on" and let me take my shower, and after a lot of reassurance that I wouldn't make a repeat performance, he went back to his computer game.

I eventually recovered enough to pry myself off of the floor and take a shower. Then I put myself, and my day of 'bad moments' to bed.

(NOTE: Another good use for the humble shower seat is sitting in the shower feeling sorry for yourself after you've had a long series of 'bad moments')

So, if you think you're having a 'bad day' consider my Aunt's advice: don't forget that the future 'moments' in the day have the potential to be all good, just as long as you don't prematurely label them 'bad' before they've happened.

You are in control of your own happiness - don't choose to make a bad moment (or a few dozen of them) into a bad day.

Today's Kidney Education: "Are you a kidney patient in need of HOPE?" The Renal Support Network's toll-free HOPEline - (800) 579-1970 is available for anyone (patient, family member or friend) who has been challenged by bad moments and kidney disease.