Heck, my day was crappy, why not spread the crap around?


I used to handle stress so easily. I could work 50 hours a week for a boss I didn't see eye-to-eye with, come home to my son (a toddler), worry about bills, wrangle single motherhood, handle chronic kidney disease, manage to survive insomnia, find time for friends, AND do the laundry/dishes/grocery shopping/housekeeping/taxi-service/daycare-picking-up'ing/ neighbor-arguing-with/worrying about the world, plus all the other stuff life throws at a person... and I could handle it un-medicated.

Wait, was there actually a time when I didn't need medication to keep me from being crazy? *squints eyes and thinks back... way... back...*

Lately, I don't think there is enough Xanax in the world to calm my insides.

I wonder - is it just this period in my life or is it the accumulation of 31 years of stress? Does this feeling get better with time, or does it just keep getting more stressful to think about all the stress that every year brings?

Do I need therapy? Probably.

Eghads! (insert stress over spelling that word correctly? incorrectly?) To stress about needing stress-therapy... great, something else to add to my list. Gah!

Today was one of the single worst panic-driven days I've had in a long time (and it seems that lately, with the addition of extra health issues, I've had a lot of stress-filled days...)

It's not one thing in particular, its just the past few months feeling heavy (heavier?) on my shoulders.

I'm saying no more. To say more would be to type for hours. So deal with your crappy NaBloPoMo blog entry for today and revel in its crappyness.

Heck, my day was crappy, why not spread the crap around?