Tummy Ick

I really didn't think the change in medication doses would make much of a difference in how I feel. So much for that idea...

... I've been riding non-stop waves of nausea for three days. Not fun.

I know it's the Myfortic, as it's known go cause GI issues. I guess I didn't think it would effect me this time because I've been on double this dose in the past (right after my transplant) and it didn't seem to bother me.

Apparently adding a third dose (vs. adding more mgs to the former twice-daily doses) is doing me in. Just about the time I start to feel like maybe I could eat something, it's time to take another dose. Luckily, we did manage to go out for a lovely Valentine's dinner last night and I mostly enjoyed (the food).

I'm not allowed to take antacids or the like, so I'm left wondering what to do about my stomach... ick.

Try peppermint candy or tea!

Mom - :)

That is usually my tried and true "fix" for anything that ales me, but lately even that has tasted like "ewww".

I'm doing better today (Thurs), though :)


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