LifeLink, Today

Today's LifeLink clinic + doctor appointment went well. My numbers are 'acceptable' albeit not as great as I'd like.

But the doctors seem happy enough.

Creatinine is still 1.1 (I would like to it be less than 1.0) and my BUN was down to the 'high-normal' level. Everything else was fine.

We're going to try reducing my Prograf dose to 2mg AM / 2mg PM (was 3/2) and increase the Myfortic to 360 three-times per day (was twice a day). Two of the doctors wonder if my 'off numbers' could be due to a slight Prograf toxicity.

For all intensive purposes I probably won't notice any differences with the med adjustments. I've been on more Myfortic than this in the past and tolerated it well. The only risk by increasing it is the possibility of Leukopenia, which happened to me back in August (followed by a week's stay in Tampa General - Boo!)

... but I'm going to think good thoughts, instead :)