Looking ahead for the rest of the week

I'm so, soo tired, today. I'm getting that achy-all-over feeling that means I'd better slow down... or else. I don't see much 'slowing down' in my immediate future, though.

I still have a lot to look forward to this week...

Today is Ken's 31st birthday - Happy birthday to him! Alek and I spent the afternoon getting ready, wrapping presents and decorating. Ken was thrilled.

Tomorrow morning I have another LifeLink appointment. I'm anxious to see where my labs are. I hope my creatinine is still going down and that maybe my BUN has gone down, too. I haven't been on the Prednisone since Friday so any effects it might've had on the blood work should hopefully be gone.

Wednesday I have a bit of a 'break' - maybe I'll get a nap LOL I'll have housekeeping and laundry to do, though.

Thursday is Valentines day! Thursday is also when my friend Denise gets here to spend the whole weekend with me/us! We've both been needing some serious vacation time and a break from reality (I've been looking forward to our visit since before Christmas, and before all the medical stuff managed to intrude upon my life). We're gonna have fun :)

Friday Denise and I will no doubt spend time doing girl-stuff. We're getting massages, too!

Saturday is the Gasparialla Knight Parade that Ken and I haven't missed in 7 years. I'm hoping this year's parade goes easy on me as I don't feel like I have the energy to expend as in past years.

Hope you're having a great week, too!