Happy 7 Months Knowin' Ya, Kidney!

Me and you, Kidney, have been through 7 beautiful months together. We're doing good, we're stayin' strong and boy, we're making a whole lot of pee!

But I have a little bit of scary news, Kidney: Today you and I will be going through another surgery together. This time its not you, its me. And during the next few days I just have one request for you...

This afternoon, around 1:30 or so, your cozy little space will get bright with light. You will see the doctor and maybe a nurse or two there to say hello. Then the doctor will begin his task, which happens to be in very close proximity to where you live in your new home.

While you're looking around at the outside world, keep an eye on whats going on inside, too. If you so much as glimpse the surgeon's scalple coming toward you, RUN AWAY! Squish up next to the liver or punch me in the lung, just don't let the hoo-hoo doctor scratch, nick or damage you.

Yes, you, Kidney, are my very favorite organ, my pride and joy, my bouncing baby kidney. Since that day 7 months ago, when we finally became one, I have coddled, cuddled, given you lots and lots of fresh water (and Starbucks iced tea) and told everyone I know about you. We've taken very good care of each other, don't you think?

We're family.

So, tomorrow when you see the scary doctor removing things that aren't important, cover your eyes and trust that I will still take great care of you, no matter what.

And if anyone hurts you, I'm gonna kick some ass.

All the Best wishes!!!
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Nicole -

Thank you so much!!


Hey Krissi

Just wanted to let you know that every day will get better with your new kidney. For the first 6-12 months I was saying to myself, what's this crap, I thought I was suppose to feel better now that I have a new kidney. I felt like crap because of the meds I was on and it took Mayo about 8 months to finally get my meds to the point I really started to feel better. I went back to work fulltime 10 months after my transplant and haven't looked back since.

There are so many emotions when you are seriously ill for a long time. I was diagnoised with PKD in 1985. I had no real problems until March of 2005 when literally one morning I woke up and my kidneys had shut down during the night. I went to my doctor who admitted me emergenly and started dialysis. In July of 2005 they discovered both my kidneys were infected and decided to remove them. After the surgery which went OK even though they ran into problems I nearly past on twice. It was horrible. Somehow I got through it all and received a kidney 10 months later.

I believe in fate and guardian angels now and never did before. I truly believe that my deseased mother was looking over me through the entire situation. Both times that I nearly died the physician said it was a miracle I survived. Living was great but I have to say that what I went through took it's toll on my family. My wife of 22 yrs. who I credit for saving me on both occations left me after 17 months from my transplant. She said I came out of my illness a different person. Not like the one she married. I did change. The way I changed the most was I recovered with severe erectile dysfunction. I love my wife dearly but I'm not able to make love to her. I'm working on the ED problem and will come out of it OK, but she was not willing to wait it out.

There is lots more to tell but that is enough for now.

"Just wanted to let you know that every day will get better with your new kidney."

It can only get better and I already enjoy so many 'better' days, already! :) Having CKD most of my life is something I've become so accustomed to that its strange feeling so good, so often...

Now if I can just get over this other health-hurdle (that has nothing to do with my kidney as you probably know if you've read my blog) I'll be on the right track!

I wish my husband wrote me love letters as sweet as this one you just wrote to your kidney ;)

Awwww, everyone deserves love letters!!

Hi Krissi,

I just ran across your site and love it. I just donated my left kidney to my cousin 12/7/7 in California. We are both doing well. I hope you recover quicky from your latest surery.

Take care,

Connie (aka Mrs Guru)

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