I took my kidney out for some retail therapy

After my hellatious weekend last week, I decided to take my kidney to the mall today for some retail therapy.

Yes, even kidneys need retail therapy.

I didn't buy a whole lot, just a couple of the new WebKinz figurines, a car charger for my iPhone, a new Ruby Rox sexy dress to wear on Valentine's day (complete with shoes and jewlery!) and...

...a congratulations card for my brother and SIL who called this morning to say they are PREGNANT!!

The biggest benefit I got from my mall trip was the exercise from walking around... and my kidney can't complain about that, either :)

When you said "take my kidney to the mall" all I could think off was your kidney on one end of a leash and you on the other.

... and then you can bet that my chihuahua would be jealous :)

See, I would focus more on the exercising part of your trip than the buying, but that's because I don't do either these days. (it's all of 22 degrees right now, no fun taking the baby in and out of the house/car/mall/daycare more often than we have to!

Congrats to the family on the coming baby!

"I would focus more on the exercising part of your trip"

Definitely! The exercise felt wonderful :)

"Congrats to the family on the coming baby!"

I'll pass along your well-wishes to my brother the next time I talk with him :)

I was thinking you were buying a cute sweater set for the kidney. What self respecting kidney would be caught without a cute sweater set? Certainly not yours! Well, except if your kidney is of the male persuasion, then it may like some hockey pads or something.

Mall exercise is good. And on a Monday, the place is a ghost town.

A cute sweater or hockey pads would be awesome. Can you imagine? My kidney all snuggled up in there with its very own custom sweater...

My kidney was my brother's so maybe my kidney is of the transsexual persuasion? ;)

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