The Miraculous appearance of Ron Jeremy in the MRI image of my hoo-hoo

I'm the person who can find humor in every situation, even in the most dire "you might have cancer in your hoo-hoo" situation.

Upon reviewing my own MRI (taken to help diagnose my ongoing hoo-hoo problems) I discovered something funny, or rather, I saw someone funny.

While other people find images of the Virgin Mary on their morning toast, or the late Pope John Paul II in the flames of a campfire, or Our Savior, Jesus himself revealed on a potato chip, who would you guess would mysteriously appear on a picture of my hoo-hoo?

Appropriately (or maybe, not so appropriately?) the image of a legend, the porn star extraordinaire from the 1970's and 80's - Mr. Ron Jeremy - and he picked my hoo-hoo to appear in! Should I feel honored or horrified?

Oooh, I feel dirty, now. I think I need a shower (and a wire coat hanger...)

Now you can tell everyone that Ron Jeremy was in your Hoo-Hoo!

Umm...that's a little scary! Maybe that came with your brother kidney. If that's the case, you might want to bring it up at a family dinner like Thanksgiving! :o)

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