I've got a tingling sensation

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I have a tingling sensation in my fingers and toes. Its the most annoying thing, ever! Its especially noticable when I first get into the shower, or even worse, when I try to take a nice hot bath. Whenever my fingers or toes touch the water they feel like they're on fire. Aside from making water intolerable, sometimes at night or when the air temperature changes in the room (such as the AC going on or off) the same thing happens.

The tingling seemed to begin around the time I got my transplant. I need to check with my doctors to see if one of the two anti-rejection medications I'm on could still be causing this. At first I chalked it up to being on much higher doses, but at this point I've been on a stable dose of both Myfortic and Prograf for a few months. Prograf does list the side effect "tingling of the hands/feet" in its patient information, but I guess I thought that it would've passed by now. My serum TAC (tacrolimus) level is on the low-end of necessary, too.

The tingling is such a small price to pay for such a wonder of having a functioning kidney. I guess I don't mind too much!

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It was really weird, but it went away after a little while. Did you have the "insomnia" prograf side-effect? THAT sucked.

See, I had the insomnia and all the other sleep issues that came with kidney failure long before I got a transplant. So I already have prescriptions for Trazodone, Ambien and Klonopin. I stopped (cold turkey!) taking all of those for about two months, but I'm back to taking Ambien just to sleep. I think part of my feeling crazy was sleep deprivation... but I sooooo hate having to rely on drugs. *sigh*

Do you still have to take something to sleep? Wait I already know the answer to that from your LJ. What are you taking?

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