Kidney Biopsy Results

I have an awesome transplant center. Even though I'll be there at 7:30 AM tomorrow morning for blood work, they called me this afternoon to tell me the final results of the weekend's kidney biopsy.

All final results were NEGATIVE for ANY graft (transplant) rejection.

*breathes sigh of relief*

So, what is causing all the chaos? Why are my labs and kidney function tests so off? Apparently, no one knows... not yet, anyway.

That's the frustrating part - not knowing or even understanding what is causing this. If the doctors can't figure it out, I certainly can't either. I've already guessed...

post-operative complication
high glucose/diabetes
laying around in bed for 3 weeks (muscle wasting)

... or maybe its just a fluke? Argh. I can only hope (think? pray? wish??) things get better and my labs improve. I certainly don't want to spend any more time on 8-A in Tampa General.

In the meantime, I'm still totally and completely consumed by the Prednisone Crazy Streak TM. My body and mind feels like they are going in opposite directions at the same time.

What a relief! CONGRATULATIONS!!! *Does happy Snoopy dance for you!!*

(This is cassievalentine from LJ, BTW . . .)

"*Does happy Snoopy dance for you!!*"

Yay for the happy Snoopy dance! And thanks (and hello/welcome...)

I vote for fluke. You are on strict orders to not spend any more time in the hospital.

*hugs you*

I'm glad they called and you were able to get your biopsy results early.

I vote for fluke, too. But I don't like these kinds of flukes - the kinds that put me in the hospital and further traumatize me with kidney biopsies and high-dose steroids.

I think I'd rather know what it is/was than not. So I can prevent it in the future and so-forth.

Yay awesome news. I had steriod induced DM after my sugars were as high as 300-450. Once I was on predniosone 7.5 mg per day it went away. Maybe you have a kidney infection from the foley? Did they culture your urine? Hopefully your next set of labs will be trending down.

That's great! I know not knowing sucks, but it is great that there is no rejection.

Glad to hear that it's not a rejection issue. Let the doc's start from that decision and figure things out from there.

Here's hoping that they find the problem quickly.

I second that "yay". I'm glad there's no rejection. But it is always good to find out whether there is something wrong or not first, than to not know.

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