You're human, like me.


I don't understand why some people complain 24/7 about how they are such a failure. Everything is always about how they are so bad at this, that and the other. I mean, come on, when that's all you talk about/write it starts to sound like all you want is sympathy. And, I've kinda run out.

I'm frustrated by the "I'm always awful at everything" mentality some people have, mainly because I don't understand how anyone could be that critical of themselves. Period. I don't get it.

Really. No one sucks at everything, all of the time. Everyone has a bad day/experience/moment once in awhile... but is it necessary to actually SAY "I suck" at every. single. possible. juncture?

IMHO - be happy for what you have. Celebrate what you've accomplished. Reflect on the mis-steps. Do your best to change what needs to be changed for the future. STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP WHEN YOU HAVE A BAD MOMENT - and consider talking about/writing about some of the good stuff instead. I know there is good stuff in there...

You're not a failure, you're just human, you know, like the rest of us?

Good advice, Krissi. This is something find hard to balance, but not in the way you're describing.

I think that I'm terrible at everything (I have a real esteem issue), but am blissfully happy about it.

Part of the reason that I blog is that I get to put in writing the things that I HAVE done and be proud of them.

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