Nervous (about labs) while CRAZY on Prednisone

I'm incredibly nervous about the upcoming few days. I won't be going back to the transplant clinic until Tues morning, so I won't know the progress (or the 'final results' of the biopsy) until then.

All I do know is that my bloodwork is still completely off-kilter and not even remotely close to where things should be. I don't entirely trust the "preliminary biopsy results" that were read over the weekend, by the less-experienced pathologist, but maybe I'm worried about something meaningless.

While the hours tick away... slowly... I'm in the full-throws of high-dose Prednizone HELL and rapidly approaching the Prednisone Crazy Streak TM phase.

If you're at all familiar with me or this blog, then you know how much I detest the stuff.

It's a drug that I swear was made in hades especially for the punishment of very special cases (like mine) wherein the patient is otherwise uber compliant and therefore needs a 'reminder' that anything health-related isn't supposed to be fun.

I'm currently (and hopefully, only temporarily) taking 60mg per day (20mg x 3) - the highest dose I've been on in well over 15 years. The last time I was taking this godawful stuff was in August - and I was only taking 20 mg per day (10mg x 2).

Aren't you'all so lucky? My side-effects will be 300% times what they were in August. I'm going to be LOVELY to be around. ARGH.

Steroid-induced PMS rules. NOT.

I agree on Prednisone. They had me on it for 20 mg for four months post-transplant but finally have me on 15 mg. But I agree it makes you hungry & crazy. I hope everything will go smoothly for you in the next coupla weeks.

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