Temporarily (?) home from hospital

Just a quick note, and then I'm going back to bed (exhausted)

I was discharged earlier this evening, so I'm at home. The 'preliminary' results of the biopsy they did last night were negative for acute rejection - they could've kept me in until Mon or Tues when the final results are in, but in all reality they probably needed my bed for someone who is sick(er). Of course there's still a huge chance I'll be back at Tampa General after my clinic appointment Tues morning, but for the meantime at least I'm not stuck there.

Roundup of results:

1. My creatinine is still too high (1.3), my BUN is high but dipped down into the "high-normal" range.

2. My WBCs are slightly higher than normal (10.3) for a transplant patient and were elevated from a few days ago.

3. Strangely my C02 level and sodium is waaaaaaaaaaay too low while my potassium and calcium is still too high.

4. Oh? And my glucose level was 195 this morning @ 4 AM and 185 right before lunch (totally tooooo high!!) The high glucose level can be semi-normal after the one round of high-dose steroids I got last night, but I didn't have a problem with it when I was in the hospital before, and receiving the same doses. SO, I had my very first shot (ever) of insulin after lunch and an insulin "pen" to bring home in case they call and tell me to take more between now and Tues @ clinic.

All of these tests say to me "kidney problem" as my labs during late chronic kidney disease/kidney failure were all VERY SIMILAR to now. I could also be developing post-transplant diabetes (which honestly would bum me out, but not totally surprise me as diabetes is rampant in my family). PERSONALLY, I think they should be doing blood sugar/glucose studies on me instead of just the "fasting glucose" test that gets stuck on every labwork. The fasting glucose test only shows one piece of the puzzle - taking blood sugars before, after and at 2 hours after eating would be a BETTER way to see how my body handles sugar.

I think that about sums it up. I will write about the horrible ordeal that was the kidney biopsy when I feel like I can. If you weren't aware - the kidney biopsy is the thing I FEAR MOST IN MY ENTIRE LIFE (due to the my very first experience having one as a teenager, and it was performed incorrectly and the needle went through one of my spinal nerves and snipped off bits of some unknown organ... and then the 'evidence' somehow magically 'disappeared' to my parents were unable to pursue the lawsuit that was definitely warranted) so having it done again was not a pleasant experience (not to mention I think I irritated the doctor being semi-hysterical... but they let Ken be there so it was a little [ ] better.

***** And a HUUUUUGE THANK YOU to DENISE (beautiful and yummy!!!) and KRISTIN for the presents at the hospital. Thanks to everyone who called and talked or left a voicemail (and emails and comments, too!) They really did brighten my day :) *****

Glad to hear things are doing somewhat better.

Re: biopsy. I always end up druged before my biopsys. Ativan or what ever that little blue pill is is great. I'm aware of what's going on, I just really don't care. Then I get a totally great nap afterwards. Score!

"Re: biopsy. I always end up druged before my biopsys."

I use Xanax for my panic/anxiety disorder so it does NOTHING in regards to extra upsetting stuff :( They gave some to me, but no effect. It happened too quickly (before they even had an IV in) to give me Ativan.

and sending warm fuzzies....rest up, always in our thoughts :-)

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