The Vaycay is Almost Over

My vacation is quickly coming to an end (we fly home on Saturday) even though I'd love to stay for another month (or year or 10...) This year, however, I don't need to balance my return trip with a crazy dialysis commitment!

I've thoroughly and completely enjoyed our annual Flagstaff, Arizona trip without the need for dialysis. I'm even more excited and looking forward to the other trips I've planned for 2008: California in June/July and again in December, Las Vegas (date not yet decided) and possibly Pennsylvania (yay, Denise!) and Washington D.C. in mid-spring. Compared to 2007 (a non-travel year for me) 2008 should include more out-of-state adventures.

Even though we'll soon be leaving the beautiful desert southwest, I've gotten a little taste of freedom from travel, dialysis not included.

Which part of Pennsylvania do you plan on visiting?

I have a friend who lives there, but I'd like to visit the whole state :)

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