Not good, not good at all

This morning's LifeLink appointment did not go well. My creatinine is +.2 (up to 1.5 from 1.3 day before yesterday) and my BUN is high.

In addition, my calcium and potassium are both high. The ultrasound from the other day showed no blockages (of artery/veins or urine output) and no obvious inflammation or hydronephrosis. But, I'm still running a low-grade fever and my BP is higher than it should be.

This means I'm rejecting.

I was sent directly from LifeLink to Tampa General Hospital (do not pass GO, do not collect $200, etc.) to be admitted. But, admitting takes time and I've been sitting in admitting for a couple of hours waiting on the bed/room. There is one with my name on it, it is presently being cleaned and I should be back on 8-A (transplant floor) within the hour.

Up next: High-dose IV steroids for 5 days and maybe other stuff. Biopsy probably tomorrow. Whatever - I won't see the light of day until at least Tuesday.

I am SO DONE with hospitals.

I'm so sorry. This is definitely not what I was hoping would happen. Please keep us posted, but I'm sure that they'll make your kidney happy again. (Still... this sucks.)

I am sorry to hear this. But acute rejection can be easily fixed with meds. I will continue to pray for you. and check in to this site often. sounds like your docs are on top of things.

Like the subject says, hugs, hugs, hugs and good wishes. Hoping everything works out for the best!!

Hey girl,
Hang in there! Hope things will turn out ok. I will say a prayer for you. Stay strong and don't give up. You can do this!.

Love you,
Your sis. and bro.

Mona & Andy

Prayers prayers prayers.

Holding you close in my heart, my thoughts, and my prayers.

We'll be praying!

Oh man, does this ever suck! I am so sorry to hear this.

But I also know from reading your blog for a long time now that you are one of the best at overcoming major SUCKINESS!

So you hang in there, and fight the good fight, and know that there are tons of people all over the place who are praying for you!

The SuperBowl has nuttin' on you! You can WIN THIS ONE!!

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