Upcoming: 365 Days of Posts

I participated in NaBloPoMo 2007 and now I’m going for the ultimate blogging challenge from NaBloPoMo’s sister site, Blog 365: to blog every day in 2008 and to have at least 365 blog posts... Luckily, the rules say that I "do not HAVE to post to the same blog" as long as I post everyday. On that note, you’ll find at least 365 posts on my blogs:

I’ll blog mostly on My Kidney Blog and on my blog about 'normal life' Krississippi (dot) com, but you’ll also find a few posts on A World of Adoption and on my LiveJournal blog, too. Two of my newer blogs (not being updated, at the moment,) A State of Confusion (ASoC) and Ken & Krissi’s Wedding Blog might also start popping with some posts (and news!) from time to time

If you decide to try this challenge, let me know by adding me as a friend to your profile!

P.S. I can’t promise you that all my blog posts will be news-worthy, but I am going to challenge myself to have at least one post per day in 2008. I’ll see you soon on my blog(s)!